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Dive Tulum, Mexico

The Diving

The infamous Nahoch Nah Chich

Dive Options

This trip is not only focused on people who have never dived in the caves in Mexico before but also people that have been before. You need to have your Full cave Cert (if you don’t have full cave, then Vince or Nat can certainly do some training for you. But we will need to plan this before the trip. But its best to do your training before the trip. We are totally flexible on site choice. But believe me, we will be making sure that you will be wanting to come back again, and again. 

Each day we will head out and dive the “Great’s” that Tulum has to offer. At a max ratio of 2:1 you will be guided and shown some of the best sites with the Team at UnderTheJungle. Two shorter dives (1hr each) or one longer dive (2 or so hours) will be conducted each morning. Then you have the option to head back with the group to base, relax at the villa and take in some sun, sea and relax. OR if you want to do more diving, then you just stay at the dive site in the afternoon and do another dive independently with a buddy.

Most of the caves are very shallow but very picturesque. You can get an idea of what to see by looking at some of my pictures on this link  It is some of the most beautiful cave systems I have ever seen. The great thing about it is that with the dive guides  they can take you straight to the “money shot” sites. Then if you want to go back there, you can if you wanted in the afternoon. 

This shot is of Mayan Blue.

Here are some video’s that the guys at UndertheJungle have put together to wet your appetite. 

Tak Be Ha
Nohoch Nah Chich
Nai Tucha
Tajma Ha

Tak Be Ha Cave.

Diving Independently

In  keeping with our policy of achieving the highest safety standards and keeping everyone safe, the first two days will be spent getting the know the local procedures and protocol. Your skills will also be assessed by the experienced dive guides as to whether you will be able to proceed onto more advanced dive sites or in actual fact be allowed to independently dive the caves. All this is based around everyone’s health and safety. So if you kick the crap off the bottom destroying the viz, then your chances of diving more advanced sites will be low. Once everything is good, everyone who chooses to dive independently in a min group of 2 and no more than 3 can go out and spend the afternoon doing their own thing. What we envisage being a common thing is that some people might like to stay at the dive site after the morning dive/s and do another dive in the same site. If this sounds like something you would love to do, then you will need to plan your own transport. With this, it will be a good idea to plan to hire a car between 2-4 people. That way, you have flexibility. So if someone just wants to come home after the morning dive they can head back with the guide and main group and get a lift back to the Villa. While the others will stay and conduct an afternoon dive. So there is a lot of flexibility. 

Dive Conditions

Mayan Blue, This water is so clear it's unbelievable!

Diving conditions are really quite favourable. There is hardly any flow if any in these caves. Water temperature is really warm at around 27oC. There are some caves which have haloclines which is pretty interesting swimming through these. (its like swimming with your mask off - really blurry) But you will be fully briefed before the dives. I normally wear a Fourth Element Thermocline top and leggings and that has been perfect for me. 2-3mm wetsuit is also perfect. Drysuits are also common place but be advised, air temp in Tulum is HOT (round mid 30's) and there is some walking to the dive sites getting your gear down to the entrance.

It is also really shallow with most of the caves in water less than 5-15m of water. Only a few will hit about 25-30m for a spell. A lot of the caves are in 5-7m of water. Some say its difficult on the rebreather, but its perfect for breathers. You can spend as much time as you want in the water, bailout is simplistic and you just keep it on low setpoint and you are laughing! We offer all forms of diving support. Sidemount, backmount OC and CCR backmount and sidemount too.

Nariz, One of my favourite sites!


We have secured luxurious Villas right in the epicentre of Puerto Aventuras, Quintana Roo, in Tulum. This place is to be seen to be believed. It is a massive gated area totally focused on the holiday maker. Walking distance to many restaurant’s, bars, parks and very close to the beach. (we are on the beach!) These spacious villas have private pools and massive outdoor areas for BBQ’s and enjoying a Margareta after a long days diving!!

All rooms have en-suites, and the house is self catering. There is also a maid to keep the place clean and tidy and beds all made each day. Most of the rooms are individual occupancy with only one or two which are twin share (first in best dressed!)

These Villas are really quite special. So after a hard days cave diving we can relax by the pool with an ice cold beverage

Most of the rooms (if not all) will be single rooms, so no need to share!

What to Expect?

Mexico is extremely hot this time of the year so its really important to bring suitable sun protection. One thing to take into consideration is if you are going to put sunblock on, it needs to be environmentally friendly sunblock. These cenotes are the ground source water for everyone so if the water gets polluted with chemicals from sunblock, insect repellent etc. Bring a hat.

These caves are situated mostly in the middle of dense jungle so there are bugs, flies and mosquitoes. Make sure you bring suitable protection from the elements. Gear set up areas are really well set up and easy to get prepared. Most of the cave entrances and cenotes have been prepared for easier access. Some of the harder to get to cave systems will have little in the way of set up. But thats all part of the fun of cave diving.

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