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This wreck is one of the least dived wrecks in the Lagoon. Extremely hard to find and the least explored. But with the aid of our hand held GPS/Chart plotter sounder we found it!

The viz on this dive is some of the best I have seen in Truk. Way out east of the Lagoon currents rip through these narrow passes.

On descent the wreck was quite flat, main superstructure has collapsed completely. Really nice stern gun. We swam towards the bow swimming into Hold 2. Below I have pictured what I found. There was an interesting object lying on the floor. Heaps of Prop blades and other general maintenance cargo, tyres, tracks etc.

Then swam into hold 1 where there was again lots of tyres, gen cargo. Then into the port bulkhead. THere was a bath and porcelain baby bath. It interests me that in these fighting ships these sights are common - the baby baths! I wouldnt have thought that there were much woman let alone babies on board.

In the stern section there is a spare prop sitting against the back section of the wreck. This is where the trucks are situated. In the holds in the stern. There are many lanterns strewn round this wreck. Plenty of sharks so keep an eye out! There is always a bit of current and is difficult to shot the wreck as the ship is lying alongside the prevailing current so you can be 5m away from the wreck and not hook in. Loads of fishlife.

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