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Shock & Awe BIG Animal Diving

Experience some of the worlds most unique and prolific life

About Shock&Awe Dive Trips

We are 100% focused on giving experienced divers the time of their life! Taking into consideration a divers experience, you won't be "let by the nose" giving you the freedom to do your own thing. Thus giving you more time to focus on extending your dive times taking photographs, video etc.

Upcoming Trip Dates

Galapagos 06 - 16 Sep 2020 $8440.00usd
Socorro (Revillagigedo Islands) 12 - 22 Jun 2021 from $9280.00 usd
Palau 05 - 13 Dec 2020 $3495.00 usd
Mexico 16 - 23 May 2020 $2595.00usd

Amazing Destinations

Here at Lust4Rust and Shock and Awe Big Animal Diving we select our destinations very carefully, who we partner with and ultimately, at the end of the day to enrich your diving experience like no other.


Years of Experience

We have been in this business a long time ( since 1994) so we know exactly what it takes to get it right, 100% of the time. We guarantee it! We know what is needed because we are all actively doing this sort of diving so every little detail is not left to chance.


Safety a Priority

We are the first, and only operator, on the planet, that brings a qualified Emergency Physician and Hyperbaric Doctor on all our trips. We also have the most comprehensive emergency medical kit, heart monitor, defib, pulse ox, along with all the essentials to treat a sick diver. Of course there are limitations to what we can do, but believe me when I say it, we have gone over most scenarios and have action plans for most emergencies. Your Safety is our Primary Concern.


Perfect for photographers

If you like taking images or videography while on your diving trip, you are not alone. We cater for camera friendly vessels, crew and offer guidance and advise if wanted on getting that perfect image!


Andrew Ainslie

"I cannot imagine a better organized, better run trip. Pete arranged copious supplies of 'sorb, tanks, helium and oxygen, making travelling easier and ensuring great dives. Blue Lagoon Resort really came through as well, with friendly, knowledgeable guides on all the boats. If you're considering doing Truk, Pete's operation will give you the trip of a lifetime!"

Des Murray

"Pete runs a very professional set-up, and to my mind provides the optimum support service for CCR divers, in fact he cannot do enough to make sure that everyone has a mega "Lust 4 Rust" experience. His trips also bring together a diverse group of like minded divers from all over the globe to share in this amazing experience. Highly recommended."

Lynn Partridge


"We thoroughly enjoyed our Lust for Rust, Truk Lagoon 2011 adventure. We were very impressed with Pete's organizational abilities, attention to detail and commitment to diver safey. An added bonus was the great group of fellow divers Pete attracted. It may have been our first Lust for Rust experience but certainly won't be our last. We hear the wrecks of Bikini Atoll calling our names "

Paul V Toomer

RAID Director of Technical Training

"My life as a full time tech instructor has taken me on some incredible trips and expeditions, but I can honesty say that I have never felt more important, more thrilled and more fulfilled than when I dived Bikini Atoll with Pete. He has turned customer care, service and quality into an art form. When it comes to technical expeditions, Pete is simply unrivalled."

Associate Professor Simon J. Mitchell


"I cannot imagine there is a better way to do these complex trips. Pete makes it so easy to get the most out of diving the wrecks of Truk and Bikini. He has established relationships and procedures in these isolated places that spare the uninitiated a thousand potential mistakes. The most 'can do' guy on the planet. Job done!"

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