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Medically Fit to Dive

This goes without saying. Please ensure that if you have recently been sick or not diving due to some medical condition that you get the all clear from a diving doctor. Its for your own safety!

Dive Skills Needed for this trip

This trip is a little limiting in the sense that we are focusing on the deep wrecks, this means that you really have to be dive fit, have the skills, training and experience. Unlike Truk, if you are not up for the diving you cant easily be placed on another boat and dive a shallower wreck, simply because most of the wrecks being dived will be in the same depth range. With this said, the minimum training requirements needed for this trip is Normixic Trimix. Hypoxic is strongly recommended. This means that there are a few wrecks that are deeper than normoxic depths so people who are trained to 65m will have to stay at those depths. If you are hypoxic trained then you will have the flexibility to do anything. With that said, its still well dooable as a normoxic diver.

Be Prepared

This is the sort of trip where you will be wanting to be really happy with your skills and have been active in these depths. If you have not been diving for many months, its best to make sure that you conduct some build up dives in order for you to get the most out of the trip. What normally happens is people don't do that much diving and then suddenly come away and spend the next 12 days diving their little hearts out! This could be really hard on the body and end up in a heap on the floor! So it is our recommendation to prepare before the trip and get dive fit before you come. That way you will enjoy your diving that much more.


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