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MV Taka

Accommodation Onboard

There is varied accommodation available. Because we are only accommodating half the amount of divers per trip there is ample space for everyone to be very comfortable. There are two main decks.

This is the upper deck. they have ensuites. These will be allocated to people on a first come first serve basis.

The lower deck don't have any en suites but with a max of 2 per room (some will only have one person in them) you will be very comfortable indeed. All rooms are air conditioned.

Here is an example of the Upper Deck Cabins.


And the lower deck cabins.

Massive Duckboard


Stern section has a massive duckboard with deep ladders making getting out of the water really easy. Deco station will be under vessel and will be moored properly on the wrecks. There is a 5m tender x 2 with back up gas just in case someone doesn't come back up the line. We also have a technical dive supervisor onboard and in control of all diving operations any time divers are in the water. This maximizes safety.


Dive Gear up area is massive. The vessel is geared up to take 26 divers. With 12 tech divers plus crew there is ample space for gear.


Up a level is the relaxing deck. This is where you get to just chill!

Plus Lust4Rust personally owns a wide range of other equipment including:

  • 23 x sets of rebreather tanks (20 x sets of 3l and 3 x sets of 2l fabre steels. All with inline valves)
  • 60 x AL80 Stage deco tanks with DIN valves all with stage rigging
  • 15 x AL40 Stage deco tanks with DIN valves all with stage rigging
  • 640kg of Sofnolime 797 Sorb
  • Double acting Haskel booster pump
  • 500litre/Hr O2 Gen Plant with rix microbooster
  • Trimix Blending panel
  • Trimix Analyser


We have everything you could possibly ever need.


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