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USS Lamson

Diving the USS Lamson

This wreck is great as its not too big so you can really take your time and see all of the wreck.The viz was crystal clear and we spent most of the dive on the outside of the wreck - which is normally unheard of! But there was just so much to look at.

Sitting bolt upright, again, sand at about 55m (180 foot) with deck averaging at about 48-49m (157- 160 foot)


USS Lamson, a 1500 ton 104m long Mahan Class destroyer, was first launched on the 17th June 1936. After shakedown in the Atlantic and Caribbean Lamson departed in June 1937 to spend 2 years in the Pacific. Sailing to Pearl Harbour in 1939 she would continue training operations for another 2 years in Hawaii.
She was returning to Pearl Harbor from patrol duty during the Japanese attack on the 7th of December 1941. After a search for the Japanese task force, the destroyer patrolled Hawaiian waters departing Pearl Harbor 6 January 1942. USS Lamson was then assigned to the South Pacific.
During early March she arrived in the Fiji Islands to assist keeping the South Pacific supply lines open. After 6 months of patrol and screening operations, Lamson saw action 22 October when, she attacked Japanese picket boats. She made a coordinated attack beating off enemy air raids and sank two enemy craft.
On 30 November, Lamson assisted in the battle of Tassafaronga only to return back to the South Pacific for the next 8 months screening convoys in Guadalcanal
Arriving in PNG in August 1943. After 2 months of escort duty, Lamson joined three other destroyers 29 November and penetrated 160 miles into enemy territory to bomb Madang, the main Japanese naval base on New Guinea. On 15 December she engaged in preinvasion bombardment of Arawe, New Britain,
After a brief overhaul and training at Pearl Harbor, Lamson arrived at Eniwetok 8 August. For the next 2 months she engaged in patrol duty.
Departing 25 October, Lamson steamed to the Philippines to serve as picket, patrol and screening ship for the massive Leyte assault. Throughout November the destroyer beat off numerous suicide plan attacks aimed at convoys bringing supplies to the Philippines. While screening a convoy off Ormoc Bay (in Leyte, Phillipines), Lamson downed two "Dinahs" (Mitsubishi Ki-46 Japanese plane) before a third crashed into her superstructure, killing 25 of the destroyer's crew and injuring 54 others.
She arrived at the Puget Sound Navy Yard on the 16th January 1945 for extensive repairs. Returning to Eniwetok ( atoll in the South Pacific) 10 May, Lamson operated for the rest of the war on patrol and air-sea rescue work off Iwo Jima island. sailing back to San Diego on 29 November. Lamson arrived at Bikini Atoll later in May 1946 to participate in Operation Crossroads. The destroyer was sunk in Test Able, the atomic explosion 2 July 1946.

Ship Stats

Class and type:
  Mahan class destroyer
  1,500 tons
  341 ft 4 in (104.04 m)
  34 ft 8 in(10.57 m)
  9 ft 1 in (2.77 m)
  36.5 knots (68 km/h)
  158 officers and crew
  1 x Gun director above bridge,
    5 x 5"(127mm)/38cal DP (5x1),
12 x 21" (533 mm) T Tubes (3x4),
4 x .50cal(12.7mm) MG AA (4x1),
2 x Depth Charge stern racks,
1 x Mk33 Gun Fire Control System,
4 ! 5" (127mm)/38cal DP (4x1),
12 ! 21" (533 mm) T Tubes (3x4),
2 x Mk51 Gun Directors,
4 x Bofors 40 mm AA (2x2),
6 x Oerlikon 20 mm AA (6x1),
2 x Depth Charge roll-off stern racks,
4 x K-gun depth charge projectors
Depth 65m
Length 125m
Date Sank 1944

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