bikini atoll trips

Bikini Atoll Trips

All trips will leave from Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands. Because of the nature of this destination people will be coming from all over the world. It is for this reason why we do not include flights in any of our packages. Also more and more people these days have air points at their disposal.

What we can do is advise you (once you let us know where you are flying form) the best route and send you a sample flight itinerary so you can book it with ease either online or with your local travel agent.

We will meet you in “Kwaj”. Seeing that Kwaj is a US missile testing base, prepare to go through an intensive customs clearance.

When you clear customs in Kwaj, there is a complementary shuttle service to transport you a short distance away to the ferry terminal to take you to Ebeye island. A 10 minute ride away. Due to American security procedures they will not let us pick you up at the ferry terminal. There will be someone to meet you at the ferry terminal from the boat. From there you will load up on the dive vessel and settle in!

Once we load up the boat, and after both flights have got in and we have all hands on board. After safety briefings, procedures and protocol etc etc, we will start steaming towards Bikini. During the course of the trip over to Bikini we will have a presentation on the history and orientation to the wrecks of Bikini with stunning pictures to get you even more excited about what is in store for you!

On average the trip takes 25-30 hours depending on weather. So it will be a great time for you to get over your jet lag and gently slide into “Bikini Time”

Skill assessment and check out dive

If we just steamed directly to Bikini we would arrive late afternoon the next day so what we normally do is stay in Kwajalein for the day and do 2 dives on the Prinz Eugen. This is a perfect opportunity to do a check out dive. This will give us an opportunity to check any gear needs and finetune kit, lead requirements trim etc.

It is really imperative to ensure that you are ready for such a trip before you come so if you have any questions regarding your level of skills and training please contact us. That way when everyone comes on these trips they are all well prepared thus having a great, safe time onboard.

We will get into Bikini in the small hours of the morning - ready for business the next day! Then we will get up early, have breakfast and head out diving!

This is without a shadow of a doubt the trip of a lifetime. But it does come with a massive warning. This is not a small trip, we are onboard a boat out at sea for 14 days travelling at least 250 miles to and from Bikini each way. We will be in some of the most isolated waters on the planet. There is only Satellite phones and VERY limited sat internet so please think very hard before committing to this trip. You will need to be really comfortable on boats.

What training and experience do I need?

90% of the wrecks are all deep wrecks in the 45-60m range so therefore minimum level of training is Extended Range diver (max depth 50m) or normoxic trimix diver (60m) for dives deeper than 50m. For CCR divers you will need the rating on the unit that you will be diving with plus an up to date log book detailing your experience in these depth areas. With taking into regards industry standard max depth on AIR diluent is 50 meters. But your diving will best be remembered on a trimix!

If you are Open Circuit and wish to dive on Trimix, then we will need to plan for your Helium gas to arrive well ahead of time. It will need to be shipped from Guam. There are costs associated with this so please contact me about this.

How do I get to Kwajalein?

You are probably going to ask yourself “Where the hell is Kwajalein?” so the best thing to do is a google search for Kwajalein and find exactly where it is. There are 2 ways to get to Kwaj. One is through Guam heading East and the other is heading west from Honalulu. Normally if you are coming from the US then you will probably come via Honalulu. If you are coming from Ozz, UK and Europe then the Guam option might work best for you. Continental/United Airlines is the only flight operator that works the Marshal Island routes.

Flying in via Guam

If you are coming from England, Ireland, Europe then probably the best route would be Heathrow - Narita in Japan - GUAM and onto Kwaj.

Flights will come in on a Friday before the official trip starts, this is ok and we have planned for this. If you come from this end you will get into Kwaj at 18:45. This is ok, if there arent any clients from the last trip onboard then you can stay on the vessel. Pending that there is accommodation on Ebeye Island where the boat will be moored in front of.

Continental/United are normally very good with regards to luggage allowance. Recently they underwent a merge with another airline so it may pay to make sure that you know what you are in for before traveling.

We have tried as much as possible to reduce your luggage hassles, by supplying manifolded tanks, breather tanks, sorb, stage deco kits, analyzers, etc etc.

Flying in via Honalulu

Flying from Honolulu has its advantages, as there is only 1 stop (Majuro) taking 6:55hrs to Kwaj. Your flight will only come in on the Saturday at 10:25. So once you clear customs and board the boat we will head off. The guys who came via Guam will already be onboard from the night before.

How do I secure my spot?

Because of the nature of liveaboards if one person cries off a trip then it puts immense pressure on us financially. With that said, we will need a $1500us deposit to secure your spot. You will be sent a booking form to be filled out which goes over booking and trip conditions.

Then the full amount of the monies is needed 6 months before the trip goes. Now if for some reason you cant make the trip, then contact us as soon as possible. Conditions apply.

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